Facebook ad account wizard



After 7 painful months of getting hacked on Facebook, getting blocked repeatedly, andailing at Facebook ads, Icreated this book so no one will ever have to go through that pain ever!


  • You will be able to set up your own ad account 100% all by yourself!
  • You will be able to run high-converting ads
  • You will be able to recover any blocked/hacked account
  • You will also be able to send me a message anytime concerning Facebook ads


And you are only paying 5$ N2,500 for this!



See, by the time 20 people buy this book, it will have gone up to 15$


If you’ve never run successful Facebook ads before,


Just do yourself a favour by buying this book now!


If you don’t, these are your only alternatives


1. you waste money and time failing and running profitless ads before mastering Facebook ads


2. you spend money on Facebook ads courses which are as long as forever and cost at least 85$


P.s., Do you want to be able to secure your Facebook account permanently from any issue with Zuckerberg? Do you want to be able to run ads effectively and target people effectively in a way that converts? Then get this book now!

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    Great Facebook ad guide. Will help you out in securing your Facebook ad from common mistakes. And it will definitely help you run profitable ads

    Adewale (verified owner)